Here Lies Death - Harlan Vaughn

Here lies a wonderful philosophical play on life & death.

The party invitation said, "Please bring tools to kill yourself a few times." Talk about your RSVP.

What would life be like without death? The bittersweet flavors of life are seasoned by our ever-present awareness of death. Harlan Vaughn plumbs the depths of human psychology in this dramatic plunge into a world where we cannot die, ever. A unique glimpse of human nature and the psychology of mortality, or lack thereof.

The narrative is fairly smooth and chocked full of detail, punctuated by gritty scenes of explicit violence. Readers be warned, there are several horror novel style rip-roaring moments.

There's also a few laughs here and there, and some very memorable lines. One of my favorites: "Do you wanna kill me first?"

Are you curious yet? You should be. I highly recommend this read for anyone who's not squeamish about violence. After reading this novel, I look for good things to come from Harlan Vaughn in the future.