The sequel takes the story to a whole new level

The Changeling - Christopher  Shields

I am really enjoying this series. I regret reading it before the third book was published, because I don't like waiting to continue a series this good. (and those endings are a killer) Luckily, The Aetherfae, #3, is coming in a few weeks.

The direction of this story is 100% unpredictable. Shields writes a masterfully woven tale of god-like supernatural villains and heroes, and its often impossible to discern one from the other.

The Fae of the Weald are dangerous, powerful and treacherous creatures. Its all Maggie can do to maintain day by day, hour by hour, amidst the intricate Fae rules, politics, and unknown pitfalls awaiting her every misstep. And of course, she has to figure out where they took her brother before he wastes away to death.

Maggie's brother has been stolen and replaced for a Changeling, and the clock is ticking, as both Fae and the boy are dying, their fates tied together. And who can Maggie trust? Her friends at school are unwittingly dangerous, with their lack of control over their thoughts and words. The Unseelie would have her dead in an instant, and the Seelie, her supposed allies, are potentially her most dangerous enemies.

Maggie must learn to harness her phenomenal abilities, secret away the full extent of her power from the Fae who surround her every minute, and protect her brother and family from the whims of these callous, deadly creatures.

A very intense read. Don't start this book unless you have the time to finish it in one sitting.