A wonderful contemporary tale set in a fantasy realm.

The Escape of Princess Madeline - Kirstin Pulioff

I was immediately engaged, entertained, and found it easy to keep reading straight through, from start to finish. Kirstin Pulioff authored a highly relevant story of a young woman's life with a single parent. Though its setting is medieval or high-fantasy, the story delves into the dynamics of a single parent upbringing, from a teenager's point of view. A very contemporary read with lessons and a message to young teens trying to find their way in today's world.

Princess Madeline faces some harsh truths about growing up. She's rebellious against her father's authority and direction of her life. She makes a foolish, brave escape, hoping for freedom from her father's control. Instead, she has turned the entire kingdom on its head, and risked her own life in the process.

This is a story of decisions, consequences, and responsibilities. Madeline and her father, the King, both learn that what matters most in all the world is keeping our loved ones close.

Highly recommended. And I am on to the next installment, The Battle for Princess Madeline!

**I received a copy of this novella for purposes of an honest review.