A gothic tale of love, hate, obsession, and the quest for immortality

Luna Sanguis - Simon Okill

"The sweetest music he had ever heard slowly evaporated from his memory like the dying sighs of a thousand angels."

Eternal - Delicate Rose - Petite Fleur, is a woman with a fractured mind from the horrid savagery she witnessed at the hands of her pursuer, Count Lucien.

This gothic, dark, poetic tale leads us through the twisted mind of this poor woman as she is entrapped in the bowels of an insane asylum reminiscent of Dante's Inferno.

She and the Count share a commonality, they exist in a perpetual dance of love and hate, mutual obsession. Both are inhabited by the souls of ancients entwined in an age-old battle for her precious, eternal blood. Through snatches of broken memory we learn Eternal has been pursued by the Count in all his incarnations across ancient Europe, the two of them leap-frogging into one life after another, each vying for that magic moment when her blood will bring forth its gift of eternal life.

"He heard that word again - "Eternal" - carried on a breeze of subconscious design."

This lost soul plays the role of Madonna, bearing aspects of pure innocence and the predatory succubus. Through the centuries she has seduced kings, queens, statesmen, and all manner of rulers. A muse inspiring artists to greatness, forging conquerors from average men, she is a living paradox, the woman every man wants but can never truly have.

Simon Okill crafts a lyrical and disturbing story in the grand fashion of Edgar Allan Poe, told from the perspective of tortured souls with dual personalities. The characters are colorful, lively, despicable, yet still lovable in their human frailty.

A genre-bender, the story is definitely not what you would ever expect. A clever world where nothing and no one is what they seem, a world mired in grey morality where villains and heroes trade places like schizophrenics. (less)