MOTH by Sean Poindexter ~ A dark, wicked, and gritty #UrbanFantasy #Review

Moth (A Max Hollingsworth Paranormal Mystery Book 1) - Sean Poindexter
Max, CPS investigator, is on the trail of several mysterious child disappearances. Max digs through trailer trash hovels, neo-nazi meth dealers, and every form of Deliverance-backwater scum you can find rotting in a 1970's singlewide. The search for these phantom missing children seems to dead end every which way ... the parents can't remember they ever had children.
Its the memory blackout that proves who's behind these heinous crimes. Damn vampires are at it again, erasing minds, stealing children and selling them off to vampire truckers and pedophiles.
This is every CPS worker's nightmare case, and no one in the department can handle it, except Max. He's immune to vampire glamour, sees right through their bullshit. Forced into a deadly alliance with rival vampires, Max plays supernatural politics to his advantage and brings down the hammer of retribution.
I'll never be able to look at a trailer park the same way again.
Moth delves into the darkest depths of child exploitation in America, while seamlessly blending in a hidden underworld of supernatural nasties. An intense genre-bender of urban fantasy, horror, thriller, mystery-suspense, with a splatter of steamy, erotica.  
Definitely my kind of novel, a SOLID FIVE STAR READ ★★★★★