Under By Duress, A New Steamy #RomanticSuspense by Kayla Stonor!




Contemporary Romantic Suspense (BDSM)


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She caught him. Now she has to turn him in.


Following a devastating break up from her ex Dom, Tahima has escaped to the Blue Ridge Mountains for some badly needed solitude. When a Mafia heir wanted for murder crashes into her life, she determines to turn him in. Her only option is to force him down the mountain to the local Sheriff's office -- a mission fraught with danger. 


Rossini's piercing gaze and commanding voice hits deep into Tahima's submissive nature. The alpha male towers over her slight build, promising to be uncooperative. Armed with only a stun-gun, she fights against her submissive tendencies. To survive, Tahima must find a way to dominate Gian Rossini, a multimillionaire and fugitive from justice.


Under By Duress is a fast-paced adventure of erotic romance with a strong alpha hero who must submit to a natural submissive prepared to go to extremes to retain control.


This erotic romance novel containing BDSM themes is part of Kayla Stonor's Surrender collection.


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About Kayla Stonor



The first thing to tell you is that Kayla Stonor is my pen name. I tend to write erotic romance (aiming for the ‘happy ever after/happy for now’ endings) but as I love thriller/adventure themes with a darker edge, my stories are not the usual erotic romance fare.


In real life, I’m married with two children, and I keep my erotic writing at a long arms length from my private life. So much so, marketing my work became impossible. Thankfully, Travis Luedke, a fellow author who writes his own unique brand of paranormal erotic romance, has encouraged me to publish new editions of my original stories and he will take on the marketing aspects! Travis is not short on ideas for the storylines either, but is a very patient and insightful editor, so I am hoping readers will enjoy the new editions!


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