Black Mamba - Jac Simensen

An enthralling occult tale of good vs. evil.

Jac Simensen pens a dark twisted tale of human trafficking of the worst kind, the exploitation of underage girls. The story is an intricately woven plot of abuse, deception, decadence, betrayal, and the blackest of voodoo magic. The character driven villains we all love to hate are battled by a heroine we can't help but love. From the filthy hovels of Haiti to the yachts and mansions of the wealthy, the story weaves its darkness to an intense magical battle of good versus evil.

Simensen writes for a cause of which we should all be better informed and more supportive. I highly recommend Black Mamba to any reader of horror-thriller-occult genres. Be warned, there are explicit scenes of violence, abuse, murder, and sex ... my kinda novel. :)