Under By Duress - Kayla Stonor

An intriguing tale of love, bondage, abuse, and smokin hot sex.

It started out relatively simple, a woman alone, cleaning up the pieces of her broken life in a cabin in the woods. Gradually, step by step, it delves into the twilight zone of BDSM erotic romance. Nothing is black and white, lots and lots of shades of grey.

She ends up with a mob boss on her hands, his plane wrecked just outside her cabin. She bravely turns the tables on him with a Taser, cuffs him up, and they’re off. Gotta run, bad guys are on their way. Their two day trek through the wilderness is the journey of an Alpha male dom learning to submit to her complete control of his every moment. He resists her guidance, but at the same time works his way under her skin and into her heart.

The girl has some serious emotional baggage, a former submissive who was taken for a ride, utterly abused. But now it’s her turn to become a domme. Role reversal. She has a little too much fun with that Taser, learning where it hurts most.

There are some very hot scenes, some very intense BDSM scenes, and even one of those “deliverance” moments with a good ole boy in the back country. A gripping tale to be sure. I read it all in one sitting, yelling at the kids to leave me alone so I could finish.

If you’re into hot kinky sex and BDSM with a tale of genuine romance in the mix, read this novel.