The Underlighters - Michelle Browne

I admit I had the opportunity to review this as a beta reader. It was good then, but much better now. I thoroughly enjoyed The Underlighters.

It’s a dark and horrific dystopian fantasy where nightmares take physical shape in the daylight. Within this cyberpunk-horror is an intricate tale of a young girl coming of age, learning she is strong and beautiful and worthy of love.

The thin veil separating dream and reality is torn and scattered for poor Janelle. This lovely young lady faces the daily trials of an underground society scraping by on scavengings from the surface, and what little they can produce in their farms.

This is a dark place made darker by strange, inexplicable happenings. Nightmarish creatures that have no right to exist are roaming the tunnels, stealing away the children. Janelle and her friends face hellish monsters born of their darkest fears.

She can hardly tell whether its real or if she's just losing her mind.

Read the Underlighters for an H.P. Lovecraft styled subterranean world of fantasy and horrors. You'll soon find yourself reading all of Michelle Browne's novels.