DARKER THINGS, a brilliant beginning to a Dark Fantasy Series


The Lockman Chronicles Book One
 by Rob Cornell
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Craig Lockman... 
No one had called him that in fifteen years. 
Not since his days at the Agency. Not since he was trained to kill creatures that were supposed to exist only in nightmares. 
Yet the teenage girl on his doorstep not only knows his real name, she claims she's his daughter. 
Before Lockman can learn how the girl found him, he's attacked by a black-ops team of assassins. But these aren't ordinary killers--they're heavily armed vampires sent by his most hated enemy. 
Forced on the run, Lockman protects his daughter from an onslaught of horrors while searching for who betrayed him and why. The investigation leads him to Detroit, where he unwittingly sets a plan into motion that could trigger a paranormal apocalypse and cost him his soul. 
Darker Things presents a new breed of urban fantasy, paced like a thriller and filled with gritty action. "Imagine if James Patterson wrote about vampires." -- Will Entrekin, author of The Prodigal Hour.
THE REVIEW:  ★★★★★
Craig Lockman is a man with a dark wicked past he thought he'd left behind. When the daughter he never knew existed comes knocking, she unwittingly brings the darkness straight to his doorstep.
The race for survival is on. Craig must figure out who gave up his location and why, while trying to protect his trouble-making daughter from the marauding vampires, werewolves and other nasties that are hunting them both. Lockman's nemesis wants him alive, and he has powerful supernatural allies to ensure he gets his man.

This is a fast-paced dark urban fantasy thriller filled with paranormal suspense and in-your-face action sequences. Lockman must balance his violent tendencies and badassary with this new strange dynamic in his life, his growing love for his daughter.

Reminiscent of Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, and all my old-school horror favorites, Darker Things is a phenomenal start to a dark fiction series. I'm looking forward to reading the next installment, Dark Legion, Book 2 in the Lockman Chronicles.

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Ride the cutting edge of dark fantasy in this unique collection of fast-paced, gritty, suspenseful thrillers. Filled with black magic, vampire trailer trash, werewolves, sorcerers, assassins, clairvoyants, zombie draggers, and old-school gothic horror, a sure bet for fans of paranormal suspense.


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